Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Things to expect in my JavaOne talk on JavaFX, OSGi, and the science of good (medical) conversation

Things to expect in my talk on Wednesday at JavaOne:

Wed 22nd Sept, 16:45 Hilton San Francisco, Golden Gate 3:
Visualizing the Science of Conversation with JavaFX and OSGi to Save Lives. William Billingsley, senior research engineer, NICTA
Session S313951
  1. A JavaFX demo that isn't yet another video wall.  Not even wrapped around a big ball and rolling down a slide into yet another video wall.
  2. The fastest, and hopefully clearest, introduction to OSGi.  We use OSGi on the client
  3. A little commentary on the JavaFX 2.0 changes.  How to sensibly use JavaFX 1.3 given it requires you to use JavaFX Script and that's going away next version.
  4. Programming as experimentation.  What do you do when it's actually a requirement that your requirements are unknown, and the goal of your software is to mine how your non-yet-users think.
  5. What the picture below means, and why JavaFX on Mac finds it harder than a video wall.

  6. How OSGi lets us build the great wall of science...

    ...how this picture knows what you're talking about...

    ...and how this one knows how hard you were thinking when you said it.

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