Saturday, 18 September 2010

Science, JavaFX, and OSGi: appearing this week at JavaOne

On Wednesday, I'm giving a talk at JavaOne on how my team is using JavaFX to analyse and visualise medical conversations -- JavaFX in a scientific app, all pluggable and extensible via OSGi.
Wed 22nd Sept, 16:45 Hilton San Francisco, Golden Gate 3:
Visualizing the Science of Conversation with JavaFX and OSGi to Save Lives. William Billingsley, senior research engineer, NICTA
Session S313951
There have been a few lists of interesting JavaFX talks at JavaOne posted to Twitter and on the Web, and a few of those lists haven't included my talk. How to scare a speaker in one easy step: post a list of interesting talks on his topic and don't include his!

So, I just wanted to reassure anyone who's thinking of coming to my talk that yes it is on, and it should be relevant and interesting. (Or if it's not interesting, tell me off!)

A little later, I'll post more on what you can expect to hear at my talk.

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