Sunday, 12 July 2009

Ponting not happy (again)

It seems our Australian cricket captain isn't happy again. In 2005, he hit the papers complaining about England using substitute fielders (especially when he was run out by one). This year, he's stepped things up a gear. It's only the first test of the series and already he's complained about Cardiff hosting the first test, wides being called wide, and James Anderson changing his glove a second time after he spilt his drink on the first fresh one.

Punter, Australia is a country whose cricketers are (sadly) famous for sledging and shoulder-barging, and you're angry that changing a wet glove isn't in the spirit of the game? I think you might just be having a bit of a whinge. And in most of the newspaper coverage, you're reported as saying:
"I won't be saying anything about it."
Well, maybe not to the match referee, but if you've been quoted in all the newspapers on both sides of the planet, I think you've said something about it.