Wednesday, 22 September 2010

JavaOne slides & Thanks for listening

I just wanted to say thank you to all who came to my talk today. Especially as I know there was a much higher profile JavaFX Graphics talk going on in another room at the same time. (Yes, that was a bit demoralising!)

I deliberately skipped some of the technical slides in the presentation -- this is because they are particular to JavaFX Script (deprecated in 2.0). The slides were the top few most hair-pulling bugs we came across in our JavaFX Script code. Things my team wished someone had told us before we started.

But to make sure you don't hit the same issues if you do any JavaFX Script, I have uploaded all the slides (including those) to Slideshare. The code examples should explain the problems reasonably well, and if not then please do ask.

Those slides are tucked in at the end of the presentation (91-106!). No, I didn't really expect to have time to show them -- when the 2.0 changes were announced, I thought it would be more useful to talk about the practical impact of the "death of Script", rather than talk about some technical traps in a language that's been discontinued.

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