Monday, 2 September 2013

Building an assessment app in two days -- first commit.

So it's Tuesday lunchtime, and now that the meetings of yesterday evening and this morning are done, I can get started.

(I've got another meeting in an hour.)

The repository is now up on GitHub at

The first commit just establishes the basic structure of the project. (The link takes you to github's page showing the committed code.)

We have three projects:

  • Outermost, the Play app itself
  • asserssory-api, which will contain classes for the data in the app.
  • assessory-reactivemongo, which will contain our database layer. The project will use ReactiveMongo, which is a non-blocking driver for MongoDB.

    And when I get to writing the database components, it'll also use handy-reactivemongo that contains some useful common code, and wraps the returned data as a Ref.

There are no tests yet, because there's no code to test. But on my machine at least, the Play project starts.

If you check it out, you might find that sbt isn't wholly content about the "SNAPSHOT" dependencies and keeps trying to re-resolve them every time you run a command, even if it only just did so. This might make your build slower than ideal. This doesn't happen on my machine because I've built those dependencies and run sbt publish-local on them, so that sbt only has to look as far as the ~/.ivy2 directory on my laptop.

I'll resolve that in due course.

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