Monday, 9 September 2013

Building an assessment app in 2+ɛ days -- students started using it yesterday. (Going retrospective)

Students started using the app to critique each others' projects yesterday, as planned. Though I hadn't done a demo in the previous lecture as I'd hoped. So it wasn't two days, but it got there in time to be useful.

The screenshot below is from the form for editing the questionnaire -- as I was struggling to find screenshots that wouldn't reveal student data I should keep hidden.

For instance, if I clicked on "Allocations" I'd get a neet little list of which students are allocated to review which groups, whether they've logged in and linked their GitHub accounts, and which reviews they've started writing. But I don't want students knowing who is reviewing them, so I can't publish a picture of that to the web!

I guess another one I can show you is this:

Those pictures down the bottom are the GitHub avatars of users in those groups who have logged in (and the pre-enrol system has spotted them and automatically added them to their groups). The pictures are funny blocky images because these ones have been generated by GitHub for users who haven't set their avatar picture.

Most of the groups appear to be empty. This just means I took the picture less than a day after advertising the app to students. The pre-enrol system means that students are automatically added into their groups when they visit the course page. When I took the picture, 23 students had already logged in, but I cropped the image just before the first student who had uploaded an avatar (to avoid publishing people's photos or drawings on my blog.)

Going retrospective

Anyway, the next few posts will be retrospective -- looking back on the app that's been built rather than blogging as I go.

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