Wednesday, 28 January 2009

in Australia

Between Facebook, email, and all the other forms of electronic communication, almost everyone who might read this already knows, but Fiona, Euan, and I arrived safely in Brisbane two weeks ago. The first couple of weeks has been a mish-mash of trying to sort out Euan's citizenship, re-enrolling in Medicare, looking for a house and car, and all the rest of moving into a new country.

I've just about got over the panic of "how are we going to look after Euan in such a hot country?", but there are still many things I'm trying to get back used to. Like hills, and heat. My role here is nominally three years, and I'm aware that Brisbane is a fairly small economy for people in computing, so it's likely we'll be back in Cambridge some time soon -- and there are many things and people I miss. But for the moment it's great that Euan's grandparents will get to see him regularly in his early years, and our family and friends here have been very supportive in helping us to make the move.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Will, hope you, Fiona and Euan are settling in nicely by now and starting to adjust. And - congratulations on your new post!

I'm enjoying being in Melbourne, although the process of getting organised and oriented is taking a lot longer than I'd hoped. Fingers crossed, my UK stuff will arrive in the next few weeks... Don't go back to Cambridge before I've had a chance to visit :-)